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guinevere91's Journal

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Terms and Conditions:
1. No payment = No Order. Payment should be made within 2hours after placing orders.
2. Please double check item's name, URL, price, colour and size before posting. I will not hold any responsibilities for any wrong item(s) ordered. Item(s) will be placed according to your posting.
3. No Cancellation or Amendment should be entertained after you have submitted your posting.
4. Please reply to your own post with payment transaction details after making payment/enquires to make thread neat. Thanks!
5. I will not be held responsible for mistakes made by the seller but I will try my best to ensure that the correct orders are placed according to your posting.
6. I will not be held responsible for missing, defective or erroneous items during shipping, be it cash or items.
7. I will not be responsible for lost mail through normal mail. Registered mail is strongly encouraged.
8. I will not be responsible for damage made during mailing process but I will ensure that items are securely wrapped before they leave my possession.
9. All updates concerning the spree will be sent out via Mass emails, so pls kindly ensure email address provided is correct. Thanks for your understanding.
10. I reserve the right to reject any orders I am uncomfortable with.
11. All refund will only be done after spree ended or only after seller have refunded me. Do not BUG me. Thanks
12. I reserve the rights to amendment any of my Terms & Conditions without prior notice.
13. All costs including freight charges and taxes incurred will be split by all participants. A 2nd payment will be collected if necessary.

Shipping Units:-
0.5 Unit Accessories (eg. Belt, Necklaces)
1.0 Unit Tops / Shorts / Skirts / Dress / Pants
1.5 Units Jeans / Tunics / Overall
2.0 Units Slippers / Flats / Hoodies / Bag
~~I reserve the rights to amend the shipping units upon arrival of items.

14. Strictly IB only, No ATM or Interbank transfer. Please use your LJ nick as your Initial when transferring.

15. Due to my tight schedules, no registered mailing will be allowed temporary.

By joining this spree, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to abide by my terms and conditions listed above. If you are uncomfortable with any of the terms stated, please DO NOT JOIN THIS SPREE.